Rabu, 02 November 2011

Trey Songz - Find A Place Lyrics

Uuh...honey I can have all the money in the world
But it wouldn't be nothing without you girl
And uuh baby you can offer me all the ladies in the world
But I don't want one cause aint none like my girl
Aha baby tell me how can explain it
The love bullet went through my soul
You took my heart and rearranged it
And now you got full control
For my mistakes and my bad ways
Girl you made a change in this badbaby

I don't want touch another,
I don't wanna feel another woman
Never gonna be another
I ain't gotta see another woman
Nobody but you girl
Lover come close to me
Let me have my way do all I want
Put your body where is post to be
And ain't even worry about me

Cause all I want is to please, to kiss,
To find a place inside your love
I'll do whatever I need to find a place in your love

You just got me feelin
Like a nigga need sexual healin
Uuh babe uh babe...
Don't you go no further
Don't be no distant lover, my baby
If you let me get it right here right now I swear
The way you let me get it inside you feel I care

I just wanna find a place baby
I just wanna find a place baby
Just want all your heart
I just wanna find a place baby, inside of you
If you let me get it right here right now, I swear
If you let me get it, you,
You gon' feel I care....
You gon' feel I care...

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