Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Matthew Good Band - Man of Action Lyrics

Between the night and day
Lost in the law of averages
What would you know
Unless you’d lived a life of it?
They say the kid sold out in love with himself
Run ragged always looked to be a man of action

Cause that's what the old man should have been but
This world it wore him out, this world it wears you out
I disappeared today
I went under if only for a second

And I found where the light drown
If you lay down you can disappear altogether
I got me a where head
I got me a day star, I lost me control of myself

And baby I don’t want it back, no I don’t want to be
Like that if this is us in control of ourselves
Between the night and day and so few eyes left open
Your forgiveness ain’t a neighborhood
That I’m looking to live in maybe this world it wore me out

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